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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] . . what iss a look at coming up today on c-span. in about 30 minutes, we will go to the united nations in new york city for remarks by iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. following his remarks, we will hear from egyptian president morsi and british prime minister david cameron. president obama is on the campaign trail today in ohio. early voting in that state begins on october 8. we will hear from the president at kent state university at 5:40 eastern. watch engage with the c-span as the candidates meet for the
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first debate, wednesday, october 3, from the university of denver. jim lehrer moderates the 90- minute debate with questions focusing on domestic policy. after the debate, your calls, e- mails, and tweets. >> i want c-spa -- i watched c- span every time -- especially when there are events going on to it every time something is going on, i want to watch c-span because they typically have the best, most unbiased view. if i want to get spun in a circle, i will watch one of the other stations. i love it c-span. i watched them on tv, i watch them online. i don't know that i have a favorite show. for me, it is any time something is going on, c-span will up the real story of what is happening.
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>> josh truitt watches c-span on directv could c-span, created by america's cable companies and in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your provider. >> iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad, of live at the united nations at 10:30 eastern, followed by the egyptian president and british prime minister did iran and u.s. foreign policy part of the conversation on this morning's "washington journal." host: he is teaching as a professor of diplomacy and international politics at harvard. thank you for joining us. you heard the speeches from new york and all the play and the dueling foreign policy points.
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what is your take away as far as each candidate had to say in new york? guest: first, it is every interesting that foreign policy and national-security issues have made a real comeback. they are part of this campaign, a big part of the discussion. i think that is a good thing because of foreign policy is so important to every single american because we live in a globalized world. president obama gave a very thoughtful, reflective speech yesterday. he covered a lot of ground ready focused on the middle east and the very tragic events that took place two weeks ago this week, the assassination of ambassador chris stevens in libya and three of his diplomatic colleagues. he also made two important points, that americans obviously want to show great religious tolerance for the views of others, and onand wanted to dissociate the united states from that hateful video that
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insulted the prophet of islam. he said that there are important rights of free speech under the first amendment and we have to protect those rights, and if the government a press free-speech, it makes the world a less free place. he also had a message for iran, that while we want to negotiate through diplomacy if possible, time is not unlimited. that was a warning to the iranian government, which has been obstreperous and very difficult to deal with. i think it was a very important speech the president gave in new york. host: how about mitt romney? can you assess from what you have heard and hear him write these past few months? is there a romney doctrine on foreign policy? how would you encapsulate it? guest: i don't know if there is a romney doctrine yet. governor romney is a very smart,
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successful person. my guess is that it is not the issue he wants to emphasize in the campaign. once the campaign to be about the economy and the unemployment rate. it is a difficult position for a republican to be running against a democrat who has a strong record on national security. that has been difficult for the romney campaign. i worked for republicans and democrats in various administrations, so i am not a political person. but it seems to me that republicans always try to run to the right of the democrats, and sometimes accused democrats of being weak on a national security. in this election you have president obama, who has taken us out of iraq, president obama who has waged a very tough war against al qaeda, has gone after the al qaeda leadership, notably osama bin laden, who has taken out some of the terrorists in yemen, including awlaki, an important terrorist figured there. president obama, because of his actions and his impressive record, has boosted american
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credibility in some parts of the world. governor romney has been trying to assert that president obama is not strong enough on foreign policy, that he has not supported israel and off, or has been not as tough as he should be on china. i am not sure if that is getting through, and i wonder if governor romney might be better advised in this campaign to articulate in a much more detailed way how he would change american foreign and national security policy on the big issues -- how do we deal with china, russia, how do we get out of afghanistan. we still have 68,000 american men and women in uniform in afghanistan. the debate starts next week, and it looks like foreign policy will be a big part of the debate in the campaign, and it is healthy that we discussed these issues. host: we want your comments for nicholas burns, who is teaching at harvard right now, he spent 27 years in the u.s. foreign service. former ambassador to nato, former undersecretary of state
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for political affairs. the numbers are on the bottom of this greentree will read -- the numbers are at the bottom of the screen. we will read tweets as well. we begin with a clip, a short piece from the president yesterday about iran. [video clip] >> we respect the right of nations to peaceful nuclear power, but one of the purposes of the united nations is to harness that power for peace. make no mistake, nuclear-arms iran is not a challenge that can be contained. it would threaten the security of israel and the stability of the global economy. it risks triggering a nuclear arms race in the region and an unraveling of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. that is why the and on the states will do what we must to prevent -- that is why the united states will do what we
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must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. host: any message you heard from the president, and just speak of the recent arc of history. guest: i thought was interesting reference that the president made to iran yesterday. i thought he was talking directly to the iranian government, and beyond them, to the iranian people, to get this message across. the united states has a lot of international backing. most countries and the world are supporting us, not the iranians. there is a big, big push now to see if we and other countries can sit down with iran, negotiate our differences, prevent iraq from becoming a nuclear weapons power, and getting the international atomic energy agency to watch the iranians and make sure they don't go beyond what they should be doing in the enrichment of uranium. the president has put in place very tough sanctions, the toughest ever put in place against iran -- president obama
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has done that -- and he has reserved the right at the end of the date for the united states foto use force, but he is putting that off for diplomacy. i worked with president george w. bush and secretary of state condoleezza rice on the iran issue for three years. there is a remarkable similarity between the george w. bush policy on iran and barack obama policy. i get the sense in my discussions with senators and congressmen and women on capitol hill that there is a basic bipartisan support for this policy that the last two american presidents have undertaken. we don't want to go to war right now, we don't want to open up the possibility of a third land war in the middle east after iraq and afghanistan. we want to focus on obama's because that is -- we want to focus
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on diplomacy because that is sensible. last point i will make this we have not had a sustained, substantive conversation with the iranian government since the jimmy carter administration, way back in 1979, 1980. to is in our interest not t talk to them, not because we like that government, but we want to see this resolved peacefully and not through warfare. host: new york, welcome to the program. caller: on 9/11, the anniversary, ray kelly but the city on high alert, got in the embassies and synagogues. obama did nothing. i think that if bush was there, we would have 50 marines on rooftops with sniper rifles. these people were killed. i heard bad information about this guy stevens, a friend of
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mine, fbi agent. the blood is on his hands. doesn't think they protect him every time they can. we are supposed to stand up for these guys, you know i am saying? host: mr. burns, why don't you begin by explaining how you think he administration handled libya? guest: let me just say, i've worked for democratic and republican administrations, and i think i.t. is unfair to level such a criticism of the -- president obama. he has been a strong leader in protecting this country, as president bush was, and both presidents since 9/11 have put the security of the american people and homeland security as job number one, as they should. they are both strong in that area, and it is unfair to suggest that president obama has let down our guard. the events in libya were tragic.
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the responsibility for guarding our embassies and consulates overseas -- we don't have american military protecting our embassies. it is the host country that provides perimeter security rapping out diplomatic establishments. we provide security for foreign embassies in washington, d.c. and consulates in new york city to it could lead us down? in cairo, it was the egyptian government that did not have enough security around pmc, and that is why the crowds went over the walls and a trip down the american flag and burned it and put up the black flag of resistance. in libya, it was the libyan security forces that led us down in been gauzy when ambassador stevens was killed. i don't think it is appropriate to blame the white house or the state department for this. president obama got on the phone with the president of egypt after our embassy was attacked and basically said, "you have got to do a better job" -- my
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paraphrasing of what i've read about this from the newspapers -- "you have got to do a better job of protecting our embassy." that is the right message. our diplomats do great work for us overseas and we depend on them to represent us. host: eric on the line for democrats. caller: i got two comments. thanks for taking my call. first of all, the gop always says that there is a liberal media. that cannot be further from the truth. all media is corporate-owned. when you are a tv person, all you are doing is what your boss tells you what to do. you are an employee of a corporation and the corporation is owned by rich people, and rich people for the most part are going to be republican. that means that all media is right wing or leased -- at least msnbc is center-right from 6:00 to 10:00, but only 6:00 to 10:00 in the evening.
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i want to talk about iran. mitt romney does not have any reason to run for president. his life is made, he is collecting $20 million a year for absolutely nothing. he has no reason to run for president. he is not running for the poor, he said he does not care for them. he is running for rich people. sheldon adelson, an israeli guy, will tell him to go to iran, and mitt romney will go to iran, and he does not have any backbone to he goes which ever way the wind blows. he will go whichever way his donors tell him to go, and he will go to war with iran, and that is scary when you have a man in office was an empty suit and will do whatever is donors tell him to do. guest: well, thank you for your question. i have developed a healthy respect for the media. in the clinton administration, i was a spokesperson for secretary of state warren christopher and then madeleine albright for about nine months. the media plays an absolutely indispensable role in our
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society. they ask the tough questions that need to be asked, and my experience is that journalists, whether tv journalists or print journalists, are very independent people. sure, "the wall street journal" or "at the new york times" may be owned by certain people, but the journalists into an independent job. on governor romney, he has been a very successful person i whatever he has done. very successful business career. i think he was a good governor of massachusetts in many wasted i live in massachusetts. but my own point of view is that he has had a tough presidential campaign. the 47% remark was very damaging to him, and foreign policy, of which i know a little bit, he does not have traction. he has not been able to articulate a really compelling view as to how he would lead to the station in a different
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direction on foreign and national security policy that president obama. he has the opportunity to do that and maybe he can begin to do that. he gave a good speech at the clinton global initiative as a guest of president clinton's. on the development policies, i thought it was well considered and very serious speech. he needs to do more of that. that is why in these debates are going to be so important, because president obama and governor romney have a very different views as to where they want to take our country internationally. host: the caller touched a little bit on iran. what are you expecting from this speech from the iranian leader today? guest:, ahmadinejad -- i think your viewers know who he is -- he is a fool. he regularly ponce and criticizes the united states, he tells lies about our country, he is in israel later, he denies the holocaust, he has had several -- he has said several
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times that israel ought to be wiped off the map. he has lost most of his power. he is not the most significant leader in iran. that is the supreme leader khamenei. i expect a lot of bombast, a lot of lies about the united states. frankly, he will be talking at the united nations. iran has a very little support. they have support from hezbollah, the terrorist group in lebanon, the syrian government, which is an outlaw government right now. but most countries and to the world want nothing to do with the iranians. they are under very tough international sanctions because they had been violating their commitments under the nuclear enrichment program. it is a country on the defensive, and again, both president bush and president obama have done a very good job of pushing the iranians into a corner and getting a lot of countries around will to support us with the sanctions. we ought to continue that policy, no matter who wins the election, to negotiate and be very tough-minded and prevent
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them from getting a nuclear weapon. host: susan is on the line, an independent. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span, and mr. burns' comments are very great. i really appreciate them. i have two questions, one regarding libya, and other regarding the difference between the two candidates for president on foreign policy. one is regarding libya. do you think that it could have been an al qaeda attacked from the get go, and even the guys who made the film in california? number one. no. 2, regarding the foreign policy issue, do you think that president obama has more of a high-tech idea of our military in the future rather than the boots on the ground type of
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military we have seen in the past, where we put our boys in harm's way? host: thanks, susan. guest: thank you, susan. two really good questions. on the first one, it is on clear what happened in libya. we know from eyewitness accounts that there was a demonstration at the consulate in benghazi, eastern libya, where it ambassador stevens was for the day. there may have been an organized terrorist attack that came behind the demonstration. the state department is investigating this, and i'm sure they will report on what date bank board. very serious issue, obviously. -- they will report on what they've learned. a very serious issue, obviously. i was a member of the american foreign service for years, and boy, this was a tragic day for the united states and foreign service. we lost four outstanding public servants to our country.
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the state department had not lost an ambassador to terrorist attacks since 1979. it is a very dangerous business. we have men and women out on the front lines defending and protecting the united states in the most dangerous parts of the world. i know that the foreign service does not get a lot of publicity in the united states, boy, our men and women deserve our support and our thanks, just as our military officers and enlisted personnel to, for serving our country overseas. i wanted to say that out of libya. -- i wanted to say that about libya. on the second question, pertaining to governor romney, he just needs to present a more compelling vision of what he wants to do with foreign policy of the united states. he has talked about military modernization, governor romney has, and maintaining the strength of our fleet and air forces. i think governor romney is right about that. president obama -- this goes
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direct your question -- has a very modern view of how to use the military. i think he decided quickly after taking office that he would take us out of iraq, which he did in december 2011, after building up and afghanistan with the surge began drawing down and said that most of our combat troops would be out by 2014. we fought two major land wars simultaneously with hundreds of thousands of troops involved. we have never done that before in american history, with the exception of the second world war. i think president obama wants to avoid the land wars if we can in the future and use the cooperative -- imperative advantage we have, and our air power, at sea power, and special forces. it has been effective. i think president obama's strategy is a good one and i hope that will be continued in
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the future. host: we have 20 minutes left with our guest, who is in boston. memphis, tennessee, republican named rick. caller: the justification for taking out awlaki -- what i would like to know is, can we just by taking out his 16-year- old son at a dinner party with his friends? thank you. host: mr. burns. guest: thank you very much. that is a very tough question. you know, i am not a lawyer, so i cannot cite chapter and verse on international law. all i know is this, that awlaki was an american citizen, but he also incited terror against every other american, and was part of a terrorist group that would destroy american lives and in-flight terrorist attacks on our country -- inflict terrorist attacks on our country. if that is the way he was, our government had a right to go
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after him. as to his son, i cannot get into the details of what happened, because i am a private citizen and i do not have the special knowledge of the attack. but if a terrorist puts himself on the line, we have an obligation to go after them and i think president obama has been right to wage this very tough campaign against al qaeda. al qaeda is an enemy of the united states, and all must know that after 9/11. host: this headline in "the washington times." "world leaders clashed over syria." they point out the differences that surfaced yesterday. one arab ruler it urged will support for the rebels soon after the secretary general of much nations not to on either side. what is your take? guest: 25,000 people have died
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in syria, at least, since the syrian government has used artillery and air power to attack innocent citizens. president obama said of the right thing yesterday. bashar al-assad, the dictator of syria, fast to go. -- has to go. here is the tragedy -- the syrian government is just strong enough to stay in power, and the rebel forces are strong but not strong enough to dislodge them. they seem to be evenly matched, and it does that seem to be any clear winner in the war and it seems to go on for ever. russia and china, in a very cynical way, are blocking every attempt by the security council to help the refugees or the rebel alliance or to get a straight message to the dictator in syria. they are no help. i think it is is very frustrating issue for president obama, because he does not want to intervene with troops, because, frankly, it would take too many american troops and they would get caught there for
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a long time and we cannot afford that. i think he has made the right decision not to put american troops in, but meanwhile, all these people are dying. we may have to consider arming the rebels. we have to do as much as we can to help the innocent refugees who are coming into jordan and iraq and turkey. these poor people have lost their homes and been shelled, the kids cannot go to school, their neighbors have been killed, from the members have been killed. it is a terrible story, and the united states will have to perhaps reconsider the policy at least not arming the rebels. host: one viewer wants to hear about iraq. guest: you know, they say hindsight is, so i don't mean to be -- hindsight is, so i don't mean unduly critical of
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president bush, was done some findings for our country. in hindsight, i think the iraq war was a mistake. there were no weapons of mass destruction in iraq, we spent an enormous effort, young men and women gave their lives for that effort. it cost us over $1 trillion. it really harmed our credibility, the basic credibility of our country, not just in the middle east, but other parts of the world trade with the benefit of hindsight, if we could go back to 2003, i would not recommend we invade iraq. in that sense, it was a war of choice, not a war of necessity. i think the decision by president bush to go into afghanistan in october 2001, a couple of weeks after 9/11, and that was a war of necessity. we had to go after osama bin laden. host: democrats' line. good morning, samuel. caller: good morning.
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how are you? can you hear me well? host: yes. caller: i want to give credit to mr. burns, giving justifiable credit to our president. hello, mr. burns, how are you? guest: very well, thank you. good morning. caller: i listened to the president's speech yesterday and i was very impressed by it. he is a very early and gentlemen. i think he gave a very, very excellent speech about freedom, freedom for the people in the middle east. they gave him a standing ovation on that. it may not have been a standing ovation, but they appreciated what he was saying. i think that people who paid the president of the united states -- who hate the president of the should looks an themselves in the mirror and ask coup or what if they are supportive of. they claimed to be patriotic people, but they despise our
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president, and i don't think it has anything to do with his policies but i think it has to do with the fact that he is a black president. i think the evidence proves that beyond any doubt. host: nicholas burns? guest: sir, thank you for your comments, and for what it is worth, i will give you my personal view. i think our president is a dignified, effective leader for the united states. i think his foreign policy has been strong, aggressive, very effective at protecting the american people. president obama is very much a modern leader. he has been able to reach out to the muslim world -- not always with success, by the way, but he has tried to repair these divisions between the united states and the muslim world that have been so evident the past 10 years. i travel a lot, and i can tell you, people really respect them overseas and like him. -- respect him overseas and like
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him. he presents a positive image for our country. i don't want to get too much into politics, but i admire him and i agree with your sentiment. thank you. host: one more point about iran and then we will get back to the phones. another story in "the washington times" about how the u.s. might welcome back to someone named rafsanjani. any thoughts? guest: that is an interesting development. rafsanjani is the former president of iran. he is more moderate than someone like ahmadinejad, it was a crazy person in many ways. they are the ones who have had this hateful policy towards israel and have been developing this nuclear-weapons program, so i am not sure if it will make a big difference. the real power in that
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country is not the president or the foreign minister of iran, it is and the supreme leader. he is the successor to ayatollah khamenei, who died many years ago. this supreme leader seems to be a very closed-minded person with a distorted view of the united states. it appears that he is one of the people trying to block our efforts to have negotiations that might resolve the nuclear issue peacefully. whether rafsanjani is the president or the speaker of parliament becomes president, i am not sure it will make a crucial difference, because the power rests with this very conservative, closed minded leader. we have a real problem with iran. the largest supporter of terrorism in the middle east. they are trying to create a nuclear weapon, which would be a disaster for all of us if they get eight. they have been very helpful -- unhelpful and afghanistan and iraq but whether it is obama or
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romney in the white house in 2013, i would think that iran is the number one national security problem here we have to be tough-minded and do whatever it takes to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. host: david, independent caller for nicklas burns. caller: how does the u.s. expect cooperation from china and russia on syria when every time there is a vote in the un condemning israel for the atrocities and they commit in the west bank, the u.s. vetoes that u.n. vote? and i would like to know, because i don't remember, or ever know -- the palestinians wanted -- what was it that the palestinians tried to gain a recently from the un, and the u.s. and israel vetoed it? it was -- and they wanted to further their status.
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ahmadinejad -- i have heard reports that he was misquoted on that statement were he said he wanted to wipe israel off the map, and what he was more trying to say was that zionism was going to fall of its own -- zionism was going to fall by its own coalition. host: got your point there did you can take any or all of them, mr. burns. guest: i will tell you, i've paid very close attention to what ahmadinejad has said since he took power in 2005, and he has said many times that israel should be wiped off the map of the world, and the supreme leader has said the same thing. they have it out for israel and and they want to see israel does appear, and is the obligation of the united states to protect israel and of course we will do that. china and russia have not been good friends of the palestinians. they don't care about the
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palestinians. despite our differences from time to time with the palestinian leadership, the united states has been a very good friend of the palestinians and we want to see a peace agreement between israel and the palestinians. there should be an independent state for the palestinians and a secure state for israel to that is what every administration has stood for for the past 50 years. the chinese and russians round cynical for policies and they don't care much about the palestinian issue. host: there is a "new york times" had lied about russia china's launching its own carry up he -- carrier. what is your overall view of this? guest: there is a major chinese
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military buildup under way, and that presents a problem for the united states. we have a balancing act with china. we are a major trading partner. china is the leading creditor of the united states. we have this symbiotic, very highly integrated economic relationship. we are kind of tied to each other. we do not want to go to war with china. but at the same time, we don't want to see china become the dominant military power in east asia, because the united states has been the guardian of security since the end of the second world war, as a timber 1945, in east asia. president obama correctly said that we needed to build up the american navy and air force at andersen air force base, and we're putting marines in northern australia, we are reinforcing our alliances with japan and south korea. that is the proper strategy, not that we want to fight the chinese, but that democratic countries of asia, including the united states, a pacific power, are strong enough so that when
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china rises to more power, it does not feel it can dominate in east asia. i feel that this would -- i think that this will be the dominant foreign policy issue for the next decade or more and it ought to be an issue in the debates between governor romney and president obama. it is such an important issue. host: via twitter, mr. ambassador -- what do you think? guest: i am not sure whether he is referring to regime change in iraq or iran. it is very difficult for the united states to go in and plan to topple the regime of another country. we did so successfully in march 2003. our military was brilliant in their offensive into iraq and update his/saddam hussein.
10:36 am
but then we found out that we had tuesday -- and dislodge saddam hussein. but then we found out we had to stay, and everybody knows the tragic story of what happened. the united states needs to be the strongest country in the world. at the same time, we need to know the value of restraint. we cannot solve everybody's problem. we cannot over use and ask the military to do too much. we cannot fight our way through every problem. president obama -- this is what president obama has been talking about, and i hope this comes up in the debates. we need to return to diplomacy. backed by force, of course, and a strong military but normally, but the united states has done through its history is put the diplomats out front and try to resolve differences peacefully, and only went out back is to the wall to use the military. one of the mistakes we might have made, again in hindsight, after 9/11, is that we overused the military.
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we thought there was a military answer to every problem, and that is not the case. we live in a complex world and we have to use all the assets available to us to be effective. host: dave is calling from illinois on the republican line. caller: good morning, c-span, and good morning, mr. burns. i disagree on saying that obama is such a great foreign policy leader, and my main thing is that after the u.n. speech, i would think that the with israel on the verge of war with iran that he would have met with the israel prime minister or some of our other allies to reassure them that we were behind them. instead, he is going on "the view." the other thing i ever problem of is that he spent $70,000 of taxpayer money running an ad in pakistan apologizing for the video made on the internet when
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he said nothing about the art display of the crucifix in urine. to me it is appalling that our president goes all over the world apologizing for the u.s., and yet he does not defending that are happening here. guest: sir, thank you for your question, i must say -- again, i am just trying to be objective here -- i don't see president obama apologizing for very much. this charge that he apologizes is just wrong on the facts. i listened carefully to the speech yesterday and i listened to his remarks two weeks ago when our embassies were attacked. but he simply stated is what almost every american agrees with, that that was a vile and hateful video, and america is built on religious tolerance. that is what we are all about since the founding fathers brought his republic into being. we believe that muslims ought to
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be free, just as jews and christians and hindus ought to be free to practice religion. he was representing american values but i don't think he was apologizing. it is very important that the united states and israel -- this to the first part of your comment -- be together publicly. there is a separation between the u.s. and israeli governments which is not healthy. as in every family, you want to have a united front publicly. it is ok to disagree behind the scenes, but you do not want to disagree in front of adversaries. it is incumbent upon the israelis and americans to show french a publicly. -- show friendship publicly. i side with president obama on this one. prime minister netanyahu of israel has effectively intervene in our campaign here by suggesting that the united
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states should drop redlines and that we will use military force if iran does x or z. that does not make sense. we do not want to send the military into battle just because iran reaches a certain level of enrichment of uranium. we ought to want our president, whether it is president obama or president romney, to use his own judgment at the time to make this fateful decision. i agree with president obama. trying to restrain israel from attacking, preventing israel from attacking, is the right policy. we ought to not have israel start a war this autumn. that could drag the united states into a third land war in the middle east. host: on the screen, we are showing a photograph from "the new york times." american advisor and afghanistan. "trainers doubt the ability of
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afghanistan to prevent an insurgent attack." what do you see as the future in afghanistan, and as a former ambassador to nato, what you make of what some are calling the diminishing role of nato in afghanistan? guest: i was the ambassador when we made the decision to put nato in afghanistan after 9/11. you know, i think we have to wind it is more down. it is the longest war in american history. we have been there 11 years and we have had at 100,000 troops there until the recent drawdown in troops by president obama, il 60,000 troops there. there is no conventional victory there. our troops have fought valiantly, but we cannot defeat the taliban in any conventional sense because they are a guerrilla army. the only way out is to do what president obama and secretary
10:42 am
hillary clinton are trying to do, negotiate, promote negotiations between the afghan government and the taliban. keep up military pressure on the taliban, but brought down american forces. -- draw downed american forces spirit that is the only way out for the united states we are training hundreds of thousands of afghan soldiers, and some of them have been turning bonds on american allies, killing our soldiers -- turning guns on our american allies, killing our soldiers. it does show that the afghan government is very weak, there is a lot of corruption in the afghan government, and you have to wonder -- the afghan government is going to have to take responsibility and do a better job of vetting the people in the military so they don't go after people in uniform. host: roxana in new jersey, a democrat. caller: i want to talk about
10:43 am
that caller who talked about romney running for president on his own agenda. i think that he is not the right person. i cannot see a man running our country and bringing us to war -- he alluded to some war in iran, and his five sons, and he has five healthy sons that never served in the military. i don't think he is for the people of this country. he is out there for his own agenda. like vice-president biden, he has at least one son who was patriotic to our country. i don't see a man like that out for the people's interests. host: how about a final thought from you, nicholas burns? in a broad sense, the campaign and foreign policy? guest: what i wanted to come i would not in tune the motives of
10:44 am
the governor romney -- i would not impugn the motives of governor romney i am running for president. however, he has having a problem. a foreign policy is becoming a much bigger issue than expected, because of these events in the middle east. i think that president obama has the natural evanish going into the debates. -- i think president obama hasei the debates. let's see what happens in the debates. but governor romney's challenge is to get beyond slogans and one-liners that you see on the campaign trail and develop ideas to explain, here is what i would do differently on the big issues -- how can we get our troops out of afghanistan, how can we stop iraq from becoming a nuclear weapons power, how can -- how can we stop iran from
10:45 am
becoming a nuclear weapons power, how to be promote american jobs through free- trade. that is the debate we ought to have. it should not be partisan. it should be an intense foreign policy debate, and i, for one, and looking for to these three debates. there is a lot the candidates can talk about. host: nicholas burns, 27 years in foreign service, former undersecretary of state for several years, now teaching at harvard. thank you for joining us this morning. guest: thanks very much. i've enjoyed it. >> now to the united nations, with the ukrainian president is exiting the general assembly after speaking to members here. coming up next, the leader of ghana, and still to come, iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad will also show you the egyptian president, mohamed morsi, and british prime minister david cameron. live coverage of the united
10:46 am
nations from c-span. >> president of the republic of ghana. [applause] on behalf of the general assembly, i have the honor to welcome to the united nations n dramanilency johb mahama, and invite him to address the assembly. >> mr. president, your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, in accordance with
10:47 am
ghanian tradition and custom, i would like to begin with the basic -- to express on behalf of the government and the people of my beloved country our deepest gratitude and most profound appreciation to the united nations and to the numerous world leaders who mourned with us following the sudden and untimely death of our former president. ghanians were touched by the many heartfelt messages of condolence and the glowing tributes that poured in from all over the world. those messages of goodwill strengthen us and it enabled us to transcended the adversity of an occurrence that was unprecedented in the history of ghana. professor mills was a dedicated
10:48 am
and hon. statesman. he committed himself to bring about improvement not only in the lives of ghanians, but all africans, and indeed, in the lives of individuals around the world. his death was a significant loss, and he will be sorely missed by the international community. with the firsthand knowledge of what it means for a nation to lose its leader, i want to also take this opportunity on behalf of all ghanians to extend condolences to the people of alawi, burkina faso, who suffered the untimely deaths of presidents. may the souls of these great men rest in perfect peace. one of the lessons that i learned from the tragedy of death is thats'
10:49 am
during times such as these, at times of great sorrow and pain, we often reveal the very essence of who we are. this is as true of nations as it is of individuals. over the past few months, ghanians have shown ourselves be resilience and respectful of the values that promote peace. in our process of healing from this great loss, we've become more united and more determined to stay the course that we began in 1967, when he became the first sub-sahara african nation gained independence. in the process of healing, we have become more confident than ever before in our ability to create a better ghana for our children. today's assembly is being
10:50 am
held at a critical time to read our world is being confronted with significant challenges. world conflict and strife are very much features of our present existence. poverty and disease cripple the lives of many. the literacy and unemployment still cycle -- illiteracy and an employment still stifle the hopes of millions. whether rightly or wrongly, they seem to be primarily associated with africa. it gives me great pleasure to lead my address to the 67 regular session of the united nations general assembly with the news of progress from ghana and stories of the success from the sub-saharan african continent.
10:51 am
the number of countries engaged in conflict is steadily decreasing year after year. as that happens, we are also witnessing a steady increase in the number of countries that are governed along democratic lines. as is true of all new democracies, these systems are not without their flaws. while they may not be perfect, they are promising. in fact, three of the african countries that lost their leaders this year experienced seamless and peaceful constitutional transitions of power to a new leadership. you see today right now that there is something spectacular happening in africa. growth is taking the place of stagnation. tranquillity is taking the place of turmoil.
10:52 am
democratic governments founded on the rule of law is taking the place of dictatorships. denying the th visibility and viability of these developments. at the very least, they require an examination of these and misconceptions of the african continent. these developments must also find expression in the manner in which the developed world relates to africa. in many ways, this is taking place. the shift has only just begun. there is much room for improvement. what i see, limitless possibilities for africa and its engagement with the rest of the world. as the united nations human development index will attest, we have made tremendous strides in a number of areas with the goal of improving living conditions for our people.
10:53 am
ghana is on track to achieve an number of the targets set by the millennium development goals. significant developments have been made in the following areas -- reducing poverty, universal primary education, safe drinking water, and the fight against hiv/aids. unemployment is a challenge that exists on a global scale. nearly all nations develop or are developing and are grappling with ways to tackle this potential threat to social and economic instability. in ghana, we are dealing with this problem as aggressively as possible by finding solutions that are long term sustainable. this includes a program we will launch to encourage unpeople -- young people to
10:54 am
launch their own been businesses and become employers instead of employees. nearly 60% of the continent's entire population is below the age of 35. our youth are not only our future, and they are also our present. in ghana, we have been working to empower our youth and make sure they are not left behind in pool willchanging coo economic and social priorities. ghana is launching programs across various sectors to protect the poor and vulnerable and ensure that the fruits of our economic growth are distributed equitably. under these programs, massive investments have been and are still being made in education, healthcare, modernization,
10:55 am
social infrastructure, direct payments to the poorest households. and in our battle against hiv/aids, a new plan has been launched to consolidate agai -- gains that have been made in reducing the prevalence of the disease. our target is to achieve elimination and expand access to anti revival therapy -- anti- retroviral therapy for persons living with hiv/aids. the equivalent of about $80 million, the contribution to the financing of this strategic plan. but this is not enough. we are now finding ourselves in a rather ironic situation, one that is threatening the advances we've made thus far. ghana, like developing countries
10:56 am
that have made remarkable headway in combating this disease, is becoming a victim of its own success. as the numbers of disease and rates of infection and mortality go down, so, too, to the figures in the global funding for hiv/aids programs. this leaves a considerable financing gap for many countries such as ghana that are not only trying to maintain progress but to move closer to complete eradication of the deceased pit in 1992, ghana astablished itself as t democratic government, and we have had a smooth transition of power from one democratically elected leader to another. ghana is held up as an example of excellence. we are a few weeks from
10:57 am
conducting our sixth successive presidential and parliamentary elections. as president, i want to assure the international community that this election, too, will be free, fair, peaceful. [applause] i am so certain of our stability through this process that i wish to extend a warm welcome to any individual or any organization that would like to, and much for these elections. this commitment to peace that i have pledged in the past and i am pledging a new today is in keeping with the longstanding tradition that ghana has established domestically and internationally. in the 1960's, when ghana deployed soldiers to what is now the democratic republic of congo, it went on record to become the first african country to participate in a u.n. peacekeeping mission.
10:58 am
since then, ghana has continued to be active and key partner in the u.n.'s peacekeeping program, and recently ranked among the top 10 largest contra leaders of personnel to peacekeeping -- top 10 contributors a personal tippees keep the operations. -- to peacekeeping operations. it is by design and determination. we always recognized peace as critical to development and the overall improvement and enrichment of our people's lives. it is no wonder, therefore, that in 1961, when u.s. president john f. kennedy established the peace corps, at its very first mission was in ghana. in the past two decades, ghana's position of peace has been
10:59 am
tested again and again, as the region was ravaged by one civil war after another. however, we have held firm to that position and we will continue to do so. because ghana wishes to coax the harmonies with all of our neighbors -- coexist harmonious sleep with all of our neighbors, we are ever conscious of peace. the unfolding tensions in cote coteire have been after -- d'ivoire are of continued concern to us. we will not be the storehouse of any resources or weapons that will be used to disrupt the peace and development of other nations. we will not harbor any individuals or groups whose intent is to utilize ghana as a
11:00 am
base of repression to undermine the safety and security of our neighbors. [applause] we will work under the protocol and utilize whatever tools of diplomacy are at our disposal to ensure that security and peace are established in mali and cote d'ivoire, at that these countries find a place among other african countries in the march towards prosperity. ghana ghana was the first country to emerge from colonial domination. the independence of ghana is meaningless unless it is linked with the total liberation of the african continent. in keeping with this right of
11:01 am
self-determination, we wish to restate our support for an independent palestinian state, co-existing peacefully with the free stable israeli state. [applause] we also reiterate our position to locate in cubea and call for an immediately lifting of that embargo. [applause] the 21st century is a century for africa. last year of the ten fastest growing economies in the world, six were africans. ghana posted one of the highest g.d.p. growth rates with 14%. directive investments amounted to some $1.5 billion across the sectors. this type of growth in
11:02 am
combination with security and democracy can only ensure an africa that will bear no resemblance to the ghost of its former self. an africa where we create equal opportunities for women to realize their full potential and where there is a respect for the rights of all human beings. this new africa will win itself of humanitarian relief. it will not continue to succumb to the corruption and oppression of desperates. this new africa will stand as a mutual partner. true partnership, of course, must be based on equality. when the founding fathers of the united nations established the security council some 66 years ago, it was based on the reality of that time. almost seven decades later, the paradigms and dynamics of this world have shifted dramatically.
11:03 am
the lives that divided our world and characterize it into hierarchy, the lines that were drawn by settle plers transforming into colonies and territories -- territories, all of these boundaries have now become blood. technology has make information more accessible to the general public and allowed us to be more accessible to one another. the world that we know today is not the same world our fathers and graffers knew. our world is smaller, more integrated and familiar. the current realities call for greater -- they form for an expansion of the security council to admit more members in order to make a meaningful impact on the many challenges that we all face. africa is ready for that true
11:04 am
and sincere partnership. our time has come. and mr. president, i believe my time is up. thank you very much. and god bless us all. [applause] >> on behalf of the assembly, i wish to thank the president of the republic of ghana for the statement just made. may i request representatives to remain seated while we greet the president. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012]
11:05 am
>> the assembly will hear an embarrass by his excellent si mahmoud ahmadinejad, president of the islamic republic of iran. i request protocol to escort his excellent si. -- excellency. >> on behalf of the general assembly, i have the honor to welcome to the united nations his excellency mahmoud ahmadinejad, president of the islamic republic of iran and to invite him to address the assembly. [applause]
11:06 am
>> in the name of god, the compassion, the mercyful, all place belongs to allah, and may peace and blessings be upon the greatest him. he has chose then companions and upon all the messengers. oh, god, hasten the emergence of your messengers and guarantee his gold health and all those who attest to his power. ladies and gentlemen, i thank the almighty gods for having once more the chance to participate in this meeting. we have gathered here to ponder and work together for building a better life for the entire human community and for our nations. comments from iran they learn of glory and beauty.
11:07 am
they learn of knowledge. i will share with them and the morality. the cradle of philosophy and mysticism, the land of compassion and light, the land of scientists, scholars, philosophers, masters of literatures and writers. the land of -- i represent a great and proud nation that is a founder of civilization and an inheriter of universal. i represent the conscious nation which is dedicated to peace and compassion a nation that has experienced the agony and birth times -- bitter times of aggression. and profoundly values the
11:08 am
blessing of peace and civility. i am now here for the eighth time in the years of my service to my people, in this assembly of sister and brothers from across the world to show to the world that my nomination has a globalization and welcomes any effort intended to provide and promote peace, stability and tranquility which can only be realized through harmony, cooperation, and joint management of the world. i am here to voice the define and humanitarian -- divine of
11:09 am
men and women of my country, to you and to the whole world, a message that iran's great orator and poet to present to humanity in his eternal poetry. humanings are members of the whole. if one member is aflicked, other members are not remain. i have taught in the seven years about the current challenges, solutions and prospects of though future world. and today, i want to raise and discuss such issues from different perspectives. thousands of years has past since children of adam. peace be upon him. it srted to settle down in various parts of earth.
11:10 am
peoples of different colors, languages, customs and tradition pursue percently to fulfill that aspiration to build -- for a more beautiful life blessed with lasting peace, security, and happiness. despite all efforts made by people and justice seekers and the sufferings and pains in the quest to achieve happiness and victory, the history of mankind except in rare cases, is marked with unfulfilled dreams and failures. imagine for a moment have there been no reason, just malicious behaviors and dictatorships with no one violating the rights of others. had values been viewed as the
11:11 am
criterion for social dignity in place of affluence and consumerism? had humility not experienced the dark ages of centers of power, not hindered the solution of knowledge and constructive thoughts? had the wars of crew said and periods of slavery and had the inheriters follow the course on the basis of humanitarian principles? had the first and second world were wars in europe, vietnam, africa, latin america not happened and if instead of the occupation of palestine and in position of a safe government, this place -- dismate and genocide of millions of people around the globe, the reason of these wars have been revealed based on justice. had saddam hussein not invaded
11:12 am
iran and had the people supported the rights of iranian people instead of siding with saddam. it's the tragic incidents of september 11 and the military actions of afghanistan and iran that's left millions killed and homeless has not happened and if instead of killing and throwing the corporate into the sea without informing the world and the people of america, an a team had been formed to make the general public aware of the cause because the incident and prepare to bring into justice the prerp traitors have at rich not will be used to secure political goals had the arms been turned into pens and military expenditures been used to promote buildings and animosity among nations. had the conflicts not been
11:13 am
beaten and if differences have not been used for the purposes of advancing political agendas, had the right to criticize the policies and actions of the -- to allow the world media to freely report and shed light on realities instead of taking gestures bent on offending the sanctities and beliefs of human beings and divine messengers who as the purest and most compassionate human beings are the gift of the almighty to humanity. had the security council not been under the domination of the limited number of government does disabling the united nations to carry out its responsibilities on a just and equitable basis, if the
11:14 am
international economic institution had not been under pressure and allow to perform the duties and functions by using their expertise based on fairness and justice, had the world capital not reach in or victimize the economies of nations in order to make up for their own mistakes. if integrity and honesty has not prevailed on the international relations and all nations and governments were treated equally and justly in the global efforts to build and extend happiness for the entire mankind and if other unfavorable situations had not occurred in human life. imagine how beautiful and pleasant our lives and how lovely the history of mankind would have been. let us take a look at the world situation today.
11:15 am
a, the economic situation. poverty is on the rise. and the gap is widening between the rich and the poor. it has exceeded $63 million while the repayment of after half of this amount is efficient to eradicate poverty in the world. the economy is dependant on consumerism and exploitation of people only serve the interest of the limited number of countries. creation of assets by using influence and control over the world's economic centers constitute the greatest abuse of history and is considered a major contributer to global economic crisis. it has been reported that all the 33 were presented by one government alone.
11:16 am
development planning based on capitalist economy that run on a vicious circle triggers on healthy competition and it is a failed practice. b, the -- from the standpoint of the politician who is control the world power centers, such as honesty, integrity, compassion and self-sacrifice are rejected as the outdated notion and impediment to the accomplishment of their goals. they openly talk about their disbelief in the relevance of ethics to the political and social affairs. to an indigent jouse culture of centuries old effort offense nation the common denominator reflected humans were found feeling unlovered -- unloved and
11:17 am
social die no, ma'amism are under constant acts and susceptible to distinction. it is devoid of social identity is being imposed on nation by a systematic disruption and humiliation of identity. it has been seriously weakened and it is destructive and it was under decline. one in sublime low and personality as the heavenly being and man fess nation of divine beauty and the main period of every society has been damaged and abused by the powerful and the wealthy. human souls has become frustrated and the essence of human kind humiliated and suppressed. c, political and security situation. unilateralism. and wars. instability in occupation to ensure economic interests, and
11:18 am
expand dominance over the centers of the world have been the order of the day. intimidation on nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction by the parlors have become prevalent. testing generations of ultra modern weaponry and the pledge to disclose these armaments on due time is now being used as a neo-language of threats against nations to request them into accepting into the era of the germany. continued threat by the uncivilized zionists to resort on military action against our great nation is a clear example of this bitter reality. a state of mistrust has shadowed on the international relations while there is no trust or just authority to help resolve world
11:19 am
conflicts. no one feels secure or safe even those who have a stockpiled thousands of atomic bombs or other arms in their arsenals the environmental situation. the environment are the heritage of the entire human kind has been fused with damage and devastated as a result of irresponsible and excessive use of resources particularly by capitalists across the world. a situation that has caused flood, and pollution, inflicting damage and seriously -- depp jeopardizing human life on earth. the aspirations of adam's children have not been fulfilled. does anybody believe that continuation of the current order is capable of doing for human society? today, everyone is discontent
11:20 am
and disappointed with the current international orders. dear colleagues, human beings do not deserve to be under continued sufferings of the situation. god has not ordained such a destiny for mankind. he has ordered humans to make the best and most beautiful life on earth along with justice, love, and dignity. we must therefore think of a solution. who is responsible for all these suffering and failures? -- sufferings and failures? some people try to justify that everything is normal and a reflection of divine wealth. who is going to blame the responsibility they are of the opinion if they are a nation that has surrenders to dictatorship and greed. it is the nation that accepts
11:21 am
germany are arrogant and expansion is power. it is the nation that are influenced by the powers and most all races in our laws are the result of the passive attitudes with the inclination to live under the supremacy of the world parlors. -- powers. these are the arguments raised by those who tend to blame nations for the unfavorable conditions prevailing in the world with the intention to justify the attitudes and destructive behaviors of the ruling minority. these claims supposedly authentic cannot in any way justify continuation of the present oppressive international orders. indeed, it is imposed our nations and ambition and goals are pursued either through deceit or resort to force. to justify their inhuman
11:22 am
actions, they propagate, the theory based on the survival of the fittest. while in principle, most governments and nations of justice are humble and submissive in the face of right and are fostering dignity, prosperity, and construction. they do not seek to obtain legendary wealth. they have no disputes among themselves in principle, and have never played in a role in the creation of any disastrous events in the course of history. i do not believe that muslims, christians, jews, hindus, buddhists and others have any problems among themselves or are hostile against each other. they get along together constantly and live together in an atmosphere of peace and they
11:23 am
are all devoted to the cause of justice, purity and love. the general tendency of nations has always been to accomplish part of the aspirations reflecting exalted divine and human beauties and mobilities. the current situation of the world and the bitter incidents of history are humanly to the wrong management of the world and the self-proclaim centers of power who have entrusted themselves to the devil. the order that is rooted in the anti-human torch of slavery and the new system are responsibly for poverty, corruption, ignorance and discrimination in every corner of the world. the current world order has certain characteristics, some of
11:24 am
which are as follows. it is founded on materialism and that is why it is in no way bound to moral values. it has been shaped according to selfishness, deception, hatred animosity. it believes in classification of human beings, humiliation of other nations trampling upon the rights of thorse other and domination. it seeks to expand domination by conflicts amongst ethnic groups and nations. it aims to monopolize powers, wealth, science, and technology for a limited group. policies of the world's main centers of power are based on the principle of domination and
11:25 am
the conquering of others. these centers only seeks supremacy and are not in favor of peace and definitely not at the service of their nations. are we to believe that those who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on election campaigns have the interest of the people of the world at their hearts? despite what political parties claim the capitalist countries the money that goes into election campaigns is usually nothing but an investment. in such countries, people have to move for parties that only represent a small number of people. the view of the matters have the least impact and influence on the big decisions, especially those made of the domestic and foreign policies. in the united states and in
11:26 am
europe, their voices are heard. they constitute 99% of the society. the human add ethical value are sacrificed in order to win growth and the willingness to listen to the demands of the people has become only to the time of election. the current world order is discriminatory and based on injustice. distinguished friends and colleagues, what should be done and what is the way of the current situation? there is no doubt that the world is in need of a new order and a fresh way of thinking. and although which man is recognized as god's supreme creation, enjoying material and spiritual equalities and possessing divine nature filled with in the -- in order tor
11:27 am
survive, human dignity and believe in the universal happiness and perfection. three, an order which is after peace, security, and welfare for all walks of life around the globe. four, all that is founded upon trust and kindness, closer to each other, they must love people. five, a just and fair order in which everybody is equal before law and in which there is no other standard. leaders of the world must regard themselves as committed servants of the people, not their
11:28 am
superiors. seven, authority is a sacred gift from people to their rulers. another chance to immerse -- not a chance to ims for the power and wealth. -- immerse power and wealth. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, is it possible to have order without having everybody's contribution to the way the world is run? it is evident that when all the people and government start to think and commit themselves to the above mentioned principle and become sensitive to the international important issues and participate in addition makings, their wishes will find the chance to be materialized. by raising collective awareness, the think of global management becomes more lived with the chances of its implementation
11:29 am
increase. today is the day of nation and they will determine the future of the world. therefore, together, we need to place our trust in god almighty and stand against the minority with all our might so that they become isolated and can no longer decide the destiny of other nations. two, believe in the god's bounty of blessings and mercy, and seek in the integration and unity of human societies. government emerging from the three will of nations must believe in their own capabilities and know that they can achieve victory if they vigorously fight the unjust order and defend human rights. three. pave the ground for the joined
11:30 am
global management by insisting upon justice and strength and unity, friendship, and economic social, cultural and political interaction in specialized organization. four, reform in the unite nagses with joint efforts. it is necessary to know that the united nation belongs to all nation. the existence of in a disservice to all and this is no way acceptable. more coordinated efforts to establish a language needed for designing the required
11:31 am
structure of the joint global management filled with justice, love, freedom and -- and participation in global management is the basis of peace. the underline movement as the second largest transregional group. the summit in teheran with the muscle of joint global management, cognizance of the importance of this issue and the current mismanagement in the emergence of crises and problems afflicting the world today. during the summit, participating and representative of more than 100 countries. underscoring the more serious and effective participation of all nations in the global
11:32 am
management. fortunately, we are now at a junction. on one hand, martyr dom is no longer allowed and eliminated from the management system, and the other capitalism is bogged down in a self-made quagmire. and it's unleashed a deadlock and doesn't seem to be able to come up with any note worthy solution to the economic and security and cultural problems of the world. the movement is proud once again emphasize the rightfulness of his historic decision to retake the polls of power and the unbridled [inaudible] ruling the board. on behalf of the members of the
11:33 am
underlying movement, i would ask the countries of the world to play larger role to contribute to the global decision making atrossters in the world. the need to remove the structure of values and encourage the process of universal participation in global management has never been greater before. the united nations lax the efficiency to bring about the required changes. if this inefficiency continues, nations will lose hold in the global structure to defend their rights. if the united nations is in the spirit of collective global cooperation -- and the -- will be damaged. the united nations [inaudible]
11:34 am
institution of the universal rights has in practice been -- gone by discrimination for the domination of a few powerful countries. consequently u.n. inefficiency has been on the rise. more so the veto rights and power in the security council has made it nearly impossible to defend the rights of the nation. the issue of the u.n. restructuring is vital. and the need that has been emphasized time and again. a goal that hoss not yet been accomplished. i would like to urge the united nations and the secretary general and his colleagues to place this issue high on their agenda and did advise an appropriate mechanism to make it happen. the underlying movement stands
11:35 am
ready to aid them in this endeavor. mr. president, friends and colleagues, create in peace and lasting security with decent lives for all, although a great and historic mission can be accomplished. dear all mighty god has not left us alone in this mission and has said that it will surely happen. if it doesn't happen then it will be contradictory to his mission. god has us man who loves people a man of justice, a man who is a perfect human being and his name is a man who will come in the company of jesus christ and the righteous. by using the adherence of all, the worthy man and women of all nations and i repeat the potential of all the worthy men and women of all nations.
11:36 am
he will lead humanity into achieving its glorious and eternal ideals. the arrival of the man will mark a new beginning, a rebirth and resurrection and it will be the beginning of peace, lasting security and genuine life. his arrival will be the end of poverty and discrimination and beginning of love and empathy. he will come and come through ignorance, superstition, prejudice by opening the gates of fire and knowledge. he will establish a broad [inaudible] of prunes and will repair the ground for the collective, active and constructive participation of all. in the global management.
11:37 am
he will come to grand kindness, hope, freedom and dignity to all humanity as a gift. will he come for mankind will taste the pleasure of the human and being in the company of other humans. he will come so that hands will be joined. hearts will be filled with love and will be purefied to be at the service of security, wealth, happiness, welding and peace for all. he will come to return all children of adam, the respective of them to their inner region after a long history of separation and division, linking them to eternal happiness and joy. the arrival of the ultimate
11:38 am
savior, jesus christ and his will bring about man kind not by force or war but through thought and developing kindness in everyone. their arrival will be a new life in the cold and frozen heart and body of the world. he will bless humanity with a strength that puts an end to our winter of ignorance, poverty and war with the tidings of a season of blooming. he puts an end to the winter of ignorance for humanity. now, we can see and we can sense the sweet scent and soulful breeze of a spring. a spring which has just begun and doesn't belong to a specific race, ethnicity,
11:39 am
nation or region. a spring that will soon reach all the territories in asia, europe, africa and america. he will be the spring of all. justice seekers, freedom lovers and followers of heavenly prophets, he will be the [inaudible] let us join hands and clear the way for his eventual arrival with empathy and cooperation. in harmony and unity. let us march on his path for salvation for the soul of humanity to taste the joyful and grace. long live this spring and again and again long live this spring. [applause]
11:40 am
>> on behalf of the general assembly, i wish to thank president of the islamic republic of iran for the statement just made. may i request representatives to remain seated while we greet the president.
11:41 am
>> the assembly will now hear an address by his exlen as i, mwai kibaki president of the republic of kenya. i request protocol to escort his exlen as i.
11:42 am
>> on behalf of the general assembly, i would like to welcome to the united nations, his excellency, mwai kibaki, president of the republic of kenya to towards general assembly. >> the president, excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, it is an honor and a pleasure for me to once again address this august assembly. mr. president, kenya is at a time in its history that is full of hope for a bright future. over the past 10 years, our country has enjoyed a sustained
11:43 am
blossoming of democracy. in the year 2010, kenya adopted a new constitution. with that constitution, we further secured the human rights and civil liberties of our citizens and entrenched constitutional governance and justice. over each of the past 0 years we have scored significant victries over diseases including h.i.v. and aids.
11:44 am
malaria. tuberculosis and other childhood and adult diseases. hundreds of thousands of more children have found their way into school and in life, life skills through training and capacity building. we have also taken many kenyans and put them on the pathaway of economic independence and self-reliance. in doing this, we have also expanded our economic base. opening up new andive
11:45 am
infrastructure, energy, and information technology projects. the achievements in our country have been attained through the respect for the rule of law. through sound policies, improved governance, as well as open and innovative democracy. however, as all kenyans recognize, we will have a lot more work to do. poverty, disease, unemployment still remain a big challenge for us. nevertheless, i am confident that we will see the opportunity to innovate and
11:46 am
invent and thus keep our country on the road to even greater prosperity. mr. president, in corns with this year's theme, namely the settlement of international disputes, all situations by peaceful means, kenya's achievements over the past 10 years have been built on the bedrock of peaceful resolution of disputes and situations in our country. in addition, it is our belief that inclusive solutions to disputes can bring lasting peace. we know from our own history,
11:47 am
and that of our neighbors, that where conflicts and disagreements are not resolved peacefully, the suffering and bloodshed that follows and the collapse of economic and social development leads to tragic consequences. it is for this reason that we are convinced that kenyas own well-being -- that kenya's own well-being and prosperity is hinged on attaining peace, security, stability and inclusive democracy in our region. my country, therefore, remains
11:48 am
supportive of efforts spear headed by the african union, the intergovernmental authority on development. the international conference on the great lakes, and the east african community for the peaceful and inclusive settlement disputes and situations. they are central to the peace building. they must be built -- must be building blocks of international efforts. to maintain peace and security in our region and the world. kenya, therefore, welcomes the
11:49 am
u.n. secretary general's initiative to convene a series of high-level meetings during this week to discuss the political and security situations in somalia, the democratic republic of congo and south sudan and sudan. with regard to somalia, kenya joined the african union mission in somalia. and through the combined efforts of our mission and the federal government forces, we have witnessed the progressive reverberation of large areas of somalia from the occupation.
11:50 am
this development enabled the transitional government to focus on the implementation of the road map with a view to forming a united government, uncut, on the pillars of good governance and the rule of law. we are encouraged by recent developments in somalia. and in particular, the innovation of the new president, prime minister and the parliament and adoption of a new constitution. there are millions of sew
11:51 am
mallians -- somalians forced to live outside of somalia. forcing the evac weigh of large sections of south central somalia from al sha bod, we look forward to working with the united nations agencies on the -- and the international communities in facilitating the return of somalia refugees to these areas. this will enable the effective participation of all somalis in rebuilding somalia. mr. president, as regards of the republic of sudan and south sudan, kenya is appreciative of
11:52 am
the positive developments of the fourth of august, the year 2012, relating to the long-standing dispute over oil resources. we hope this important agreement marks a big step in reducing the tension between the two countries. reducing the efforts of the international community both directly and through the african union and encourages the two sides toward -- the two sides to work towards reaching a comp mize. -- a compromise. i especially commend the
11:53 am
african union for its determination and leadership in steering the negotiations. we are confident that both countries will agree to you are intelligently address contentious issues on border disputes. dd kenya will continue to support efforts to find a peaceful and lasting solution to disputes between the people of sudan and south sudan. we encourage the international community to redouble its
11:54 am
efforts to support social and economic development in south sudan for the benefit of the citizens of the new country. mr. president, kenyans are threatened by the great suffering and blod shed endured by populations around the world, especially in the middle east, the horn of africa and the central africa. it is our belief. it is our belief that when nations should embrace dialogue and peaceful settlement of disputes instead of rushing to arms. for suffering and bloodshed will ensue.
11:55 am
we call upon all warring parties in the world to lay down their arms and pursue the path of peace, dialogue and inclusive resolution of disputes. mr. president, we also remain very concerned that no progress has been achieved on the issue of palestine. as i stated last year, here at the general assembly, kenya believes in a two-state solution where the territorial integrity of palestine within the 1967 borders is upheld, and
11:56 am
the peace and security of israel are both assured and guaranteed. in this regard, it is our hope that palestine will soon be welcomed to the community of nations with full in my opinion -- full membership in the united nations. mr. president, there can be no lasting peace without sustainable and inclusive developments. kenya therefore greatly appreciates the achievements of the united nations conference on sustainable development held earlier this year in brazil. kenya is encouraged that in line with the recommendations proposed during the conference,
11:57 am
this general assembly session has placed high on its agenda some of the decisions we took in rio de janeiro. this is indeed an indication of our collective political will to ensure that the decisions contained in the outcome document are implemented. key among these, any decision to strengthen the framework for sustainable development, including upgrading of united nations environment program. kenya appreciates this historic decision to strengthen and upgrade the unit.
11:58 am
this will enable it to fulfill its mandate effectively. kenya honors it commitments to continue hosting and facilitating the work of a revamped unit. and we look forward to the event wall transformation of the unit into a fully-fledged unit for the global environment. finally, mr. president, we are all aware that many more disputes and conflicts resolve and concerns of water available and agriculture, forestry, rivers and lakes.
11:59 am
our environment are therefore an important part of the resolutions and the disputes and conflicts around the world. strengthening global institutions that deal with the environment -- diversity add as well as climate change must therefore be a core part of our strategy to avoid conflicts and disputes amongst peoples of the world. it is important that as the community of nations, we invest in their peaceful settlement of international disputes.
12:00 pm
however, we must invest first in the prevention of disputes and second, in addressing the root causes of conflicts such as poverty, inequality, disregard for international law, disrespect for each other's social, cultural and religious beliefs amongst others. only by addressing the root causes of conflict and disputes can we hope to find lasting peace in a just and ekwe table world. i thank you. [applause]
12:01 pm
>> from the half of the general assembly, i wish to thank the president of the republic of kenya for the statement just made. please remain seated while the greet the president.
12:02 pm
the assembly will now hear an address by his excellency, the president of the republic of poland. a request protocol to escort his excellency. >> on behalf of the general assembly, i have the honor to welcome to the united nations, his excellency from the republic of poland and invite him to address the assembly.
12:03 pm
>> chairman, secretary general, distinguished delegates thank you for inviting me here and may i welcome the chairman to the general assembly. in recent years, the world still begin -- still continues to be poised in difficult development. the weakness of international and solutions in the face of economic humanitarian -- economic, humanitarian and other problems is indisputable. but these institutions were designed to resolve such problems could also applies to
12:04 pm
the security council. especially in the context of the conflict in syria. it is also visible that financial institutions are not capable of handling the destructiveness of financial markets. only through the action of great private actors operating in this area. the news coming from asia point to a number of tensions. and there is tension from the iranian nuclear program. the result is an increasing threat of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and an arms race amongst certain states. the result of the mission in afghanistan is not entirely satisfactory to us.
12:05 pm
we must learn a lesson from the shortcomings of these countries so far. suggesting military action first is not a suitable matter for all conflict. the hopes raised during the arab spring have been justified only to a certain extent. the civil war is nefarious and the loss of life in its aftermath. yet there is a shadow across the region. and the circumstances of the death of the american ambassador should convince those who are not persuaded of the transformation of democratic transformation.
12:06 pm
this testifies to our faith in that a better world. we pledge our readiness and concerted effort toward operating in these ideals. one of the main road to leading to a more secure world is as -- is a peaceful resolution of disputes in all situations. this concept is the main session -- a subject of this year's session. in recent years, we have seen numerous occasions where a commitment laid down in seconds in the united nations charter was ignored with consequences.
12:07 pm
its second development was the drama and syria. such situations occur also in other parts of the world. throughout the 20th century, the international community has developed many ways, of peaceful settlement of disputes on the universal and regional level alike. volumes have been written on the subject. there are many international institutions act developed in this field. there are also many renowned experts and politicians, some of them like jimmy carter and others have been rightly acknowledged by the nobel peace prize. they were able to use effectively these procedures to peacefully resolve difficult
12:08 pm
disputes, be they international or internal. and they otherwise would have escalated into international conflicts. not everywhere, though, was it possible to achieve success. mr. president, distinguished delegates, as it so happened, it was for the absence of one crucially important factor, an actor without which it is impossible to settle a dispute in a piece thing -- in a peaceful and lasting way. it is about the realization of the obvious truth, that without compromise, we cannot arise -- arrived at a lasting solution to this conflict. this is at the very nature of the conflict being a clash. at this point, i would like to refer to the feeling of
12:09 pm
solidarity and a roundtable talks. the talks in the spring of 1989. both sides of the profound social conflict in those days, it has become a tragedy on the one hand, and a great movement and transformation on the other. it ultimately overthrew communism and allowed a compromise. the compromise was not fully satisfactory to either of the few -- the two sides. this ultimately affected for the change, which went beyond the obvious problem because it covered the whole region.
12:10 pm
it was going in the direction of the revolutionary change. let us recall that all previous attempts undertaken by democratic opposition outside of the system precipitated with military intervention, bloodshed, tens of thousands of refugees, and further repressions. the group has been also the pace on a massive scale and the spring of 1989. in the long run, the ability of the self-contained and the strength of compromise make a much better solution than maximizing demands and trying to advance arguments by force. we know the latter mechanism all too well. it is usually taking up arms in
12:11 pm
order to prove one's rightness by military measures. in a land of video-politics, conflict -- of geopolitics cannot conflict lines are no longer significant. the situation develops into a fully international one. in order to avoid a further escalation and a major trinitarian operation, support of the army and police force are inevitable. -- major international operation, support of the army and police cars -- force are inevitable. we have seen this mechanism in
12:12 pm
various situation in different countries in different regions of the world. it can be avoided. it can be avoided, provided that some -- from the very outset there is anticipated dialogue that is peaceable. show sensitivity that the tension and conflict -- to the tension and conflict and seek compromise intentionally. the underlying compromised symbolizes -- is symbolized in figures like nelson mandela. it is worth noting. syria is a dramatic example of what a waste of compromise made
12:13 pm
unfold. we all expect that an end will be bloodshed in syria and the conflict will be settled based on the u.n. and at the instruments of our organization. the u.s. envoy never like to determination in the fulfilment of -- the u.n. envoy never lacked determination in the fulfilment of his mission. after centuries of antagonism and disputes and conflicts in europe, in order to do away with awards -- wars and bloody drop. as we know, integration was
12:14 pm
assured in after world war ii by the creation of the european community. the intent was that no war would take place. in the pact of 1928, what was needed was an end to obstacles by the practice of integration and the establishment of new communities and integration also into the continent. security and peace would still
12:15 pm
be confined to the past. in the present, they are much limited. this is a word of recommendation to other regions of the world. mr. president, distinguished delegates, the flight of civilians, women and children in particular, is the most dramatic consequence of the inability to contain conflict. the actions of soldiers are sometimes at the expense of innocent civilians, at the expense of innocent children.
12:16 pm
this massive strength is sometimes connected with moving a question to the other side. the responsibility for civilian casualties, even unintentional, but they are still victims. there is responsibility also for that and they are to keep peace. the whole international community replaced the despicable idf humanitarian intervention by the responsibility to protect -- the idea of humanitarian intervention by the responsibility to protect. a stalemate has emerged in this area more than 10 years ago. the concept of responsibility to
12:17 pm
protect has been approved of by the entire international community. it has been known since 2005. the norm and the practice may sometimes be worlds apart. however, in the light of humanitarian tragedy, moving people's conscience, and the suffering of innocent children must move our hearts and our conscience. we cannot afford a situation where the responsibility to protect remains a dead letter. what we put forward for your consideration is that the united nations should initiate work on defining instrument to
12:18 pm
be applied in a situation that will be tailored, and there is responsibility to protect. it is about the international community being effective without exceeding the mission's mandate and resolving disputes that come up. this is a particularly important consideration for us in poland, since our nation more than once has fallen victim to crime perpetrated in mass chaos. the effectiveness of international community when faced with violations of human rights on a mass scale, crime and suffering that calls for
12:19 pm
reaction, as in syria these days, their eyes to the credibility of our action in previous situation -- there has to be the credibility of our action in previous situations of this kind. we must always act in good faith and in line with the mandate given to us. mr. president, distinguished delegates cannot -- delegates, i am speaking on behalf of the country who in the past 20 years managed to carve it difficult trail from a tour italian -- totalitarian regime and a massive social unrest that was being curbed by force to democratic stability, economic growth, and the ability to support a peaceful transformation beyond its borders. 30 years ago, when martial law
12:20 pm
was imposed in order to crush the solidarity revolution in poland, it was suggested that 4: to enter the world of democracy would entail a potential imbalance between the east and west, and even a war between the warsaw pact and nato. it would be the world war. fortunately, those days are gone. hardly anyone would think in such terms nowadays. today, polenta -- poland, a free country that has developed without limitations shares its experience and benefits derived from transition to democracy and the element of humanitarian aid. we are a country that has been featuring an economic growth rate for the past 20 years.
12:21 pm
and for the sake of stability of european integration and an understanding of their processes to secure all of europe and its neighborhood. that is why we have acted in our efforts to bring together the two powers of europe once divided in the cold war. the u.n. program of eastern partnership that has been designed with poland and sweden as promoters. we offer support and share experience with his id to embark on a road of democratic transformation. in north africa, asia, and europe. to the extent that it is our response to become a we develop contacts with countries in different regions and different civilizations.
12:22 pm
mr. president, our policy in this regard stems from the conviction that the effect of the united nations is what the world today need as badly as it did in the days of the cold war. the world cannot be driven by a multi power concert of powers. the powers will not cease to exist, but the stability and regulation of international legal order will require the engagement of multilateral institutions as well as countries in securing their observance. under the united nations, we may insist on these. we need to have laws that are
12:23 pm
agreed upon and on our commitments that were once adopted in good faith. -- honor our commitments that were once adopted in good faith. these agreements that some thought were not possible and some active actively against bringing about, this is why we are committed to working in observance of their rules for the integrity and for implementation of the output of our organization for its effectiveness in exercising the tasks that we ourselves impose on it so that the u.n. may need its expectations that we have in store for it. since the very beginning and we are still promoting today. thank you very much for your attention.
12:24 pm
[applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly, i wish to thank the president of the republic of poland for the statement just made. may i request representatives to remain seated while we greet the president. on behalf of the general
12:25 pm
assembly, a statement by the president of the arid regions. please welcome his excellency. on behalf of the general assembly, i would like to welcome his excellency, the president of the arab republic of egypt. i invite him to address the assembly. [applause] >> in the name of god, the compassionate, the compound -- the merciful, peace and prayers
12:26 pm
be on his profit, muhammed, a profit whom we love and follow. -- pitcairn a prohet who and we love and follow. the we respect him and we stand opposed to those who oppose him. the prayers of my god be upon him. daud described him in his koran as a man of great morality. also, it is said that we can have mercy of those who honor god. our peace and prayers are on him, his soul, and all those who followed him until after doomsday.
12:27 pm
may god give me the correct word to address you, you people who have been created male and female, peoples and tribes, to get to know each other, that the most dignified a view -- of view. and mr. president of the general assembly, mr. ban ki moon, the secretary general of the united nations, presidents, heads of government, ladies and gentlemen, i salute you in the name of islam. peace and prayers be on you. mr. president, it gives me pleasure to congratulate you and
12:28 pm
your friendly country in assuming the presidency of the general assembly in its current session. i wish you success in your mission. carter also like to express my sincere appreciation to your predecessor, and to the brotherly state of qatar. i would also like to pay tribute to the secretary general of the united nations for his convenient -- his convening efforts to preserve the organization and enhance its effectiveness. i assure your of egypt support to all of the efforts you make in this endeavor. mr. president, my presence here
12:29 pm
today before the general assembly has multiple significant. i am the first egyptian civilian president elected democratically and freely, following a great peaceful revolution hailed by the entire world. through the revolution, we established a legitimate presidency through all egyptians. inside and outside egypt. and with the grace of god. today, every egyptian shares a sense of self confidence,
12:30 pm
allowing all of them to claim a higher moral ground. we have taken several steps on the road toward establishing the modern state that egyptians aspire to see. one that is in tune with the present, based on the rule of law, democracy, and respect for human rights, a constitutional state that does not compromise the values of family embedded in the souls of olli egyptians -- all egyptians, a state that seeks to justice, in truth,
12:31 pm
freedom, dignity, and social justice. the egyptian revolution that was founded on the legitimacy that i represent, in legitimacy that i represent before you today but was not a product of a fleeting moment or a brief uprising, nor was it the product of the winds of change of spring. rather, this revolution and all those preceding it and following it in the region were triggered by a long struggle of genuine national movement that saw a life of pride ending defeat for all citizens.
12:32 pm
it is thereby reflecting the wisdom of history and sending a clear warning to those attempting to place their interests before those of their peoples compact -- peoples, mr. president, the vision of the new egypt that we strive to realize that for our nation, god willing, also constitutes the frame of action we present to the world. and should guide our cooperation with the nash -- the international community in a spirit of equality and mutual respect entailing nonintervention in the affairs of other states, as well as the implementation of international principles, agreements, and conventions. today, we it -- we reiterate our commitment to them,
12:33 pm
particularly the united nations charter, which egypt to part in drafting. -- took part in drafting. through continued work to settle problems and dealing with the root causes without women wishing the principles of law or well-established by use, which the compromise of can lead to grave consequences for the international community if those more rational and reasonable and the world do not pay heed. mr. president caught -- mr. president, the issue which the world must make all efforts to resolve on the basis of justice and dignity is the palestinian cause.
12:34 pm
long decades have passed since the palestinian people expressed a desire to restore all of the rights and the independent state of its capital. the struggle of its people draw legitimate means to obtain their rights, and despite the acceptance of their representatives of the revolution -- resolutions of the international community in resolving its problems, despite all of this, this international illegitimacy remains unable until now to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the palestinian people.
12:35 pm
these resolutions remain far from being implemented the fruits of dignity and freedom must not remain far from the palestinian people. it is shameful that the free world would accept that a party in the international community may continue to deny their rights -- the rights of a nation that looks to independence over decades, no matter what justification. it is also a shameful that settlement continue on the territory of these people, the palestinian people, and prevarication continues over implementing international resolutions. from the premise of defending truth, freedom, and dignity, and
12:36 pm
from my duty to support our palestinian brothers and sisters, i placed the international community before its responsibility, which requires comprehensive justice and peace, and putting to an end to all forms of occupation of arab lands and the implementation of relevant resolutions, i call for a serious and to colonization and occupation and the occupation of the colonized israel. i call for a peace that would establish a sovereign palestinian state, a piece that would achieve a security and stability long sought by the peoples of the region on the
12:37 pm
same basis, i assure you, of the aegis full support -- egypt's full support. i call upon you all, just as you have supported the resolutions of the arab peoples, i call on you to lend your support to the palestinian people to give them the right to his dovish an independent state. -- to establish an independent state. an independent state of palestine based on the inalienable rights of the palestinians. we will continue to work next to the palestinian people, supporting them until they get all of the rights with their feet will -- they're free will -- with their free will and in the constituency of their people.
12:38 pm
mr. president, we have to address in this forum the question there remains a concern for the whole world, namely the blood shed and the human tragedy in syria. the bloodshed must be stopped immediately. that is our first concern. the blood that is being shed on the land of beloved syria is far too der to continue to be shed day and night. the syrian people are dear to our hearts and to the hearts of every egyptian. we hope for a future of freedom and dignity. this has been the essence of the initiative are proposed -- i proposed in the holy city of
12:39 pm
mecca. during last ramadan. and i have reiterated on subsequent occasions to avoid the worst, to avoid the worst, and to prevent the continued suffering of the syrian people and the conflict turning into a full-scale civil war, god forbid, with negative affects extending beyond syria and its immediate neighbors. egypt, along with the three other countries involved in our initiative, has held meetings that have shown there are many areas of commonality. we will continue to work to bring an end to the suffering of the syrian people, and provide an opportunity to choose freely
12:40 pm
their regime that best resent -- represents. after this current regime comes to an end, the regime that killed eight people day and night, after this regime comes to an end, the syrian people will choose with their own free will a regime that places ziarat in its right place among democratic countries -- places syria in its right place among democratic country so that it may continue to present its arab march in the region toward solid foundations. i would like to implement this idea, this initiative. it is open to all. it is not just the purview of its four starting parties, but
12:41 pm
open to all who wish to impact the steering crisis. this suffering, we all have to move the world over to put an end to this tragedy. it is the tragedy of the age and our duty is to end the tragedy. egypt is committed. to pursuing the sincere effort. it has been working to put an end to the tragedy in syria. it has been -- has been putting together an international framework that preserves the unity of this brotherly state. it involves all sections of the syrian people without discrimination based on race, religion, or sex.
12:42 pm
it will spare syria the danger of a military intervention, which we oppose, of course. egypt is also committed to supporting the mission of the special representative of the u.n. and the league of arab states to syria, and confirming current efforts aimed at unifying the opposition and encouraging its to propose a comprehensive, unified vision, to encourage the opposition to propose a unified vision, a comprehensive vision of the steady, a democrat, organized transfer of power in a manner that preserves the rights of all constituencies in syria and remains in the essential places in the new syria.
12:43 pm
the new syria, after the new egypt, god willing. i cannot stay here, to reiterate that egypt will work with these irrigation's for syria to -- with this arab nation to occupy its place in this world, an integral component of national security, of a larger home land that extends from the arab gulf to the atlantic ocean. there is a huge field of opportunity for cooperation and interaction with the countries of the arab world. egypt also considers the extremely valuable contribution
12:44 pm
of the arab world within the wider islamic sphere is of vital necessity to promote joint action within the organization of islamic cooperation. egypt will make every effort to make sure that the next oic conference due early next year in egypt, egypt will make sure that it will strengthen understanding between egypt and the countries of the arab world and precipitate dialogue and eliminate the causes of misunderstanding. employed by fanatics on both sides to improve the differences between us -- to prove the differences between us are great and to achieve political goals completely unrelated to
12:45 pm
the noble ideals of religion. or human values and ethics. mr. president, our brothers and sisters in sudan need more than ever your support. this country needs to achieve stability and development. and work on building healthy relations with south sudan. this nation state, which we believe is qualified along with our brother, sudan, to become -- to come into cooperation with the arab world and african countries. sudan has made great sacrifices in its quest for peace and stability. it has committed itself to the
12:46 pm
comprehensive peace agreement, otherwise known as cpa. it was also known as the first country to ignite the nation state of south sudan. but let me be frank. sudan has not receive the support it deserves. it is now high time for international effort to rally in support of saddam -- sudan and work on settling differences between sudan and its neighbor south sudan to resolve all outstanding issues. mr. president, the success of the difficult transitional phase the somali people have come through by electing his excellently muhammed shaikh mahmoud as the presidency is a
12:47 pm
positive step after a difficult time. i call upon the united nations to continue supporting the efforts made by the somali government and to fend off those who seek to hinder the efforts and to achieve stability within public institutions and achieve the aspirations of the somali people for a better future. mr. president, the principles of justice and righteousness are linked to achieving stability and security in the world, particularly the middle east. over many years, some have wrongfully sought to achieve stability through oppression and tyranny. some of us have come alive, applauded their bad deeds.
12:48 pm
-- but some of us, alas, applauded their bad deeds. but now the people of the region, they will not tolerate and they will not allow being deprived of their rights, whether by their own leaders or outside forces. the will of the people, especially in our region, no longer tolerates the continued movement of any country to be nuclear non-proliferation treaty and to the building of a nuclear facility, especially if it is coupled with a response will policies, or arbitrary set s. in this regard, the acceptance of the international community
12:49 pm
of preemptive this or the it is a to legitimisze serious matter to avoid of the prevalence of the law of the jungle. cognizant of the danger that the status quo represents to the security of this important region with its natural resources and trade corridors, egypt stresses the need to mobilize international efforts to hold a conference on declaring the middle east free of nuclear weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction before the end of the current year, 2012, with the participation of all concerned parties without exception.
12:50 pm
let me say it perfectly clear, perfectly clearly, the only solution is to get rid of nuclear weapons. there is no other alternative. all weapons of mass destruction. meanwhile, we also emphasize the right of all countries of the world and all countries of the region, of course, including egypt, they have the right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy within the framework of the bt. and with the commitment by all of these countries provided the necessary steps with the countries of the region so as to remove any suspicion around a peaceful intentions of these programs. mr. president, the conflict of
12:51 pm
justice, truth and dignity, encompassed in our view the frameworks of government and international relations. there is no debt that in this view of international relations, undoubtedly, in justice has been inflicted on the african continent. i do not think i need to go through the previous commitments made in this hall to both the development and economic growth of africa through aid and investment. the world has a responsibility to support africa's efforts. through providing assistance
12:52 pm
needed to restore the treasures of african countries taken over consecutive eras, the last of which was under the thought that supporting an unjust regimes would assist in achieving a fake stability to achieve a fake justice, while these regimes were spreading corruption and smuggling the wealth of these countries outside the homeland. i'm aware that achieving the desired goal can only be done through the active participation of the peoples of this continent, and the resumption of responsibilities. this is something that we, as africans, are ready and willing to do. in our quest for a better future for our country's, they, we as
12:53 pm
africans, how to achieve for our continent a new set of ambitious goals that will ensure africans are on the right track toward sustainable development, and achieve aspirations for a better future, and day participation again forever in the international economic order. i assure you that egypt will continue to work to support its brothers and sisters in africa. egypt is ready to cooperate with any stakeholder or party within throughut the continent' the exchange of expertise and best practices.
12:54 pm
>> we look at -- we look at the current international system and feel that we need to work seriously to repair this international order based on the principle of a renewed urgency and to maintain its credibility. this is on the mind of the peoples, the nations that have expressed themselves and would like to per piece of cake in a new world for a new future -- participate in a new world for a new future for its sons and daughters.
12:55 pm
the effective role of the general assembly as a democratic forum, it will express the will of the international community and the change in the structure of the security council, which still represent an era that is completely obsolete as far as our conflict is concerned. both the general assembly and the security council must be reformed as an outpost -- but most party that has to be done with the necessary seriousness. i would like to emphasize the need for the united nations to give special attention to supporting issues of women and youth. i have proposed during the underlying movement a youth body
12:56 pm
solely dedicated to youth issues, giving particular attention to the issues of training, employment, education, and improving issues particularly related to young life. and to help them achieve their aspirations mr. president, -- aspirations. mr. president, egypt stresses that the international community will not be fixed unless we expect from others as they expect from us that they respect our cultural specificities and religious references and not to seek to impose a concept or cultures that are not acceptable to as,
12:57 pm
or politicize certain issues and use them as a pretext to intervene in the affairs of others. but muslims and migrants are going through a number of countries in a number of regions in the world in terms of discrimination and violations of their hermine rights -- human rights, and this is campaigns against what they hold sacred is unacceptable. -- a vicious campaign against what they will take is unacceptable. this is unacceptable, the behavior by some individuals, and the insults hurled on a profit of islam, muhammed -- the prohet of islam, muhammed, cannot be accepted. and those who would do this, we must not allow anyone to do
12:58 pm
this by word or deed. this runs against the most basic principles of the organization where we meet today. and unfortunately, today, it has now acquired a name, which is islamaphobia. we all have to work together. we must join hands and working against these issues that work against us. we must confront extremism and discrimination and incitement to hatred on the basis of religion or race. the general assembly as well as the security council has a main
12:59 pm
responsibility in addressing this phenomenon that is starting to have implications that clearly affect international peace and security. the obscenities that i have referred to were recently released as part of an organized campaign against islamic sentiment and practices are unacceptable. we have responsibility in these international getting -- gatherings to study how we can protect the world from instability and hatred. egypt respect freedom of expression. freedom of expression that is not used to incite hatred against anyone. against anyone.

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